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Location:New York, NY
Company:Macmillan Learning
First posted:June 16, 2017

Macmillan Learning is a part of the family-owned Holtzbrinck group of companies and is one of the leading educational technology companies. Through deep partnership with the world's best researchers, educators, administrators, and developers, we facilitate teaching and learning opportunities that spark student engagement and improve outcomes. We provide educators with tailored solutions designed to inspire student curiosity and measure progress. Macmillan Learning is comprised of renowned brands including Bedford/St. Martins, W.H. Freeman, Worth Publishers, Sapling Learning, SkyFactor, Intellus Learning, Late Nite Labs, and Hayden-McNeil. We are an Equal Opportunity Employer committed to reflecting a broad representation of differences -- race, ethnicity, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, physical ability, age, family status, economic background and status, geographical background and status, and perspective-- in our workplace. The successful candidate for this position will become an employee of Bedford Freeman & Worth Publishing Group, LLC ("BFW"), d/b/a Macmillan Learning. Bedford Freeman & Worth Publishing Group, LLC has developed an affirmative action program in compliance with the NY Department of Education's guidance. Portions of the affirmative action program are available for review by applicants and employees by contacting Human Resources.

Macmillan Learning is looking for a Content Project Manager to work on our Curriculum Solutions and Reprints projects in the Content Management department. The Project Manager will be responsible for managing, in a typical year, the editorial production of 100 curriculum solutions projects, 450-500 reprints, 80-100 access cards (first printing and reprints), and 1-2 main edition texts and ancillaries.

Key Responsibilities:
Project Management

  • For main edition projects, curriculum solutions, and reprints: analyzes and evaluates text manuscripts and art programs to determine content needs (such as art development and rendering and copyediting requirements) and design requirements.
  • Independently develops a production-editorial plan appropriate for the project. Adapts production-editorial processes for new technology developments and assists the department in achieving digital goals.
  • Collaborates with Senior Workflow Project Manager to create and monitor the schedule and makes revisions as circumstances require.
  • Collaborates with Production Supervisor on all printing and manufacturing needs.
  • Chairs launch meetings; works with Development.
  • Works with vendor to set up projects and gather cost estimates for composition.
  • Prepares copyedited text manuscript for composition.
  • Checks and approves all stages of proof, revisions, and final files for editorial accuracy and technical correctness. Is the final arbiter in executing corrections. Works with vendor and vendor contacts to maintain high level of quality.
  • Identifies and communicates any issues that may delay the project-editorial process; trouble-shooting.
  • Works to understand and implement accessibility standards with vendors, authors, editors, designers, etc.
    Works with Vendor Partner and Some Independent Contractors
    Works with vendor partner to review, select, hire, supervise, and evaluate book designers, length estimators, copyeditors, proofreaders, indexers, as well as vendor; negotiates project-specific assignments based on evaluation of partner recommendations. Communicates specs to vendors and Workflow Project Managers to implement and maintain schedules. Works with permissions group to coordinate third-party assets to be used within projects.
    Quality Control
  • Works with vendor partner to review, select, hire, and manages copyeditors and proofreaders assigned by vendor partner. Coordinates copyediting and proofreading reviews with author and editorial team; reconciles all editorial changes to manuscript and proof. Prepares copyedited text ms for composition; prepares art/map ms for illustrators or cartographers.
  • Checks all stages of proof, revisions, and final files to ensure quality standards are maintained. Reconciles all editorial and production changes/corrections to proofs. Editorial accuracy for these projects is exacting. Is the final arbiter in executing corrections.
  • Monitors schedule.
  • Reviews all stages of cover preparation from copy through mechanicals to printers' proof in order to assure adherence to quality standards.
  • Works within systems to ingest quality control assessment questions and answers.
  • Works within systems to supervise transformation to digital product and schedules and responds to QA processes.
    Reprint-specific Duties
  • Communicates about and maintains reprints archives and file server for efficient production and storage of work.
  • Communicates process workflows to entire company so that reprints are effectively produced.
  • Works with digital team to communicate and implement necessary reprint corrections to digital titles that are not yet reprinting in print.
  • Oversees and maintains reprint print library.
  • Maintains and tracks schedules.
    Access Card-specific Duties
  • Work with Editorial and Production team to process print access cards (first printings and reprints).
  • Communicates with vendor in updating access card templates in ordering system.
  • Communicates design specifications to internal staff for new cards that need to be generated.

    Curriculum Solutions-specific Duties
    Work with curriculum solutions and production teams on specific projects in every way suggested. Maintains and tracks schedules.

    Skills and Experience Required:

  • Three years of college textbook production editorial experience
  • Outstanding time management and organizational skills
  • Meticulous attention to detail
  • Ability to prioritize, think critically, and problem-solve
  • Superior copyediting and proofreading skills
  • Ready familiarity with book design, composition and page layout, and type specs
  • Ability to direct and adapt to changing technologies and an increasingly electronic workplace.
  • Ability to work collaboratively with authors and all product team members
  • Exceptional communication skills
  • Ability to work independently and follow a workflow
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office and Adobe Acrobat Pro
  • Familiarity with project management interfaces (JIRA/Confluence)
  • Familiarity with HTML and XML a plus
  • Ability to adapt to changing systems a plus

    Education Requirements: Bachelor's Degree or Higher

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